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We power your business through our robust online services platform. This includes professional and effective solutions for connecting an owner's vision with an employee's determination to reach an expansive customer base. If tech hasn't been leading this business then it's critical to start with a free consultation to see if our power is in your wheelhouse. 

Streambuilder & Affiliation Services

New to the world of streaming? Interested in learning how to stream professionally with the power of technology? Stream start-ups are small risk businesses with a potential for high reward. The cost of start-up can vary anywhere from $200-$2000 depending on what technology is currently in use to power the content creation mechanism.  

Book a consultation and we'll help you to make sure that you can be serious about pursuing this adventure. The detail of service aims to assist with the development of a full-game, personal interactive, or communicative type streams - achieve goals with viewership and monetization as a priority. Payment plans are available; will provide a quote and terms of service.    

Technology Support for PC, Web, Phone, Sharing...

Struggle with something on the computer? Have a new idea for something you'd like to achieve but aren't sure how? There may be a simple solution that we can help with. 

Flat rate service fee of $120/Hour.  We'll walk through this together to help make your life a little easier. Pay nothing a recieve a refund of the down payment if the problem cannot be solved;  GARAUNTEED!